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Shifa meditation aims to bring you hand-made products that aim to assist and enhance meditation and relaxation. Most of the products like the meditation beads & soy wax candles our made in our workshop with care and love and fully energised with positive healing energy. The attars (oils), incense sticks and resins are sourced from quality suppliers around the world and are tested and trailed by our team to ensure you are receiving the optimum quality product.

The word 'Shifa' means to be healed or to be cured in the Arabic language. Each product we make or source the intention is that the users receive spiritual healing and comfort. Please feel free to browse the website and don't hesitate to contact us with any questions.

Coming Soon for 2016 

New Attars to be launced soon

Soy wax meditation candles range expands

Workshop dates to be launched for 2016